Check Benefits and Eligibility with Delta Dental
To check benefits and verify eligibility we provide direct links to Delta Dental.
 Please click on one of the selections to connect.

COBRA clients from California Groups
Click here or call Delta Dental of California at 888-335-8227
Send claims to: PO Box 997330 Sacramento CA 95899

COBRA clients from Pennsylvania, New York or the Mid-Atlantic Region
Click here or call Delta Dental of Pennsylvania at 800-932-0783

Send claims to: PO Box 2105 Mechanicsburg PA 17055

COBRA Clients from groups located outside the two areas mentioned above,
 Click here or contact Delta Dental Insurance Company at 800-521-2651
Send claims to: PO Box 1809 Alpharetta GA 30023

DeltaCare USA
 If your coverage is through DeltaCare USA
click here or call 800-422-4234

You will need to know the Member ID (Social Security Number) and the members last name and birth date.  
We upload eligibility to the carriers on a weekly basis.
Please contact us if you have any questions or have a problem with your eligibility.  
Wolfpack Insurance Services 1-800-296-0192.